Real Estate and Contracting

Our Firm specializes in providing legal advice and consultations in all stages of real estate and contracting works, Whereas, real estate and contracting works represent a large part of the cases in the courts as a result of the ongoing large real estate business in Kingdom of Bahrain, which requires to provide local and international legal advice from specialized Firms such as our Firm to help in success in those businesses, whether for investors, real estate owners, tenants, and companies that work in the real estate or construction field. Our consultations in this field include consulting, establishing and licensing of real estate business, contracting companies, investment companies, negotiate and review documents related to building and real estate conditions, including tenders, letters of understanding and contracts, appointments of consultants, the guarantees documents , long and short term rental contracts for residential and commercial, evacuation and implementation, infrastructure and development project contracts, follow the registration of real estate and land investment contracts, construction, development, real estate financing, real estate commercial operations, energy, oil and gas contracts on land and marine, specialized construction contracts as the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) and, Engineering, Procurement and Construction contracts (EPC) and providing consulting for all types of clients including employers, consultants, contractors, subcontractors and real estate development and financing companies in all legislative and regulatory issues related to real estate and construction.