Commercial Business, Foreign Investment and Companies

Our firm gives special attention to commercial law and corporate law, as our firm saves to our clients a lot of effort and money in the establishment phase and in the beginning stage of the activity and we are distinguished by accuracy and speed in completing transactions related to founding companies of various kinds. In addition, we have experience and specialization in registering branches and offices of foreign companies and multinational companies. Our services include performing all necessary procedures for incorporation, issuing the necessary documents and memoranda, articles of association, founding contracts, establishment certificates, commercial records, agencies, and declarations. Our legal services start from the stage of preparatory arrangements and negotiations for registering all types of projects, whether with the participation of local or foreign capital, and drafting initial documents for joint venture agreements and memoranda of understanding. In addition to that, issues related to liquidation, bankruptcy, company closure or reorganization of partnership, mergers and acquisitions, providing guidance on compliance with the law in the daily activities of companies, defining the legal status, preparing plans for the structure and management of the company, and providing guidance and interpretations related to the corporate laws and system to ensure that the internal companies 'regulations comply with the laws and with founding contracts. Providing companies with the latest amendments in the laws related to companies, and we are doing due diligence to ensure companies are aware of the implementation of these laws and amendments related to their business and their understanding of them and providing the necessary legal consultations for companies, amending company's contracts, increasing capital, selling shares, exit and liquidation, preparing legal regulations for companies, judicial representation in all disputes to which the companies are a party, collecting debts through amicable settlements and judicial procedures, registering names, brands, commercial agencies, intellectual property rights, patents, and management risks and antitrust in addition to providing legal advice on general commercial topics. In addition to that we are working on preparing, drafting and reviewing all types of commercial and investment contracts. These contracts include agency contracts, distribution and franchisees, major service contracts, manufacturing contracts, supply and services contracts, tender contracts, electronic sales contracts, sales, marketing and commercial transactions, commercial agencies and commodities. We also participate in negotiations, registration of agreements and checking documents of import and export and various issues related to companies and securities, including public and private shares, debt financing and other contracts.