Legal Advice, Draft and Review of Contracts and Agreements

Our Firm has analyzed many cases pending before the various courts. One of the most important results of the analysis is that the mistake which most of the litigants made, that they didn't obtained legal advice, whether before or after the dispute. The main reason; many clients are not aware of the rights and duties and the proper legal position towards the facts of the conflict. For example, many clients engage in projects and contracts before studying them legally, and then multiple problems appear after entering into the details. To avoid this, our Firm specializes in providing the Legal consultations through consultants who specialize in different legal fields also we ensuring the confidentiality of all data and information related to the consultation, and we provide the advice in writing or verbally according to the client's desire. Anyone can request legal advice through the website or the contact addresses shown on the website and we will provide the required advice quickly. Our firm also specializes in preparing and reviewing all contracts and agreements of various kinds and in the Arabic or English languages to which the client is a party in order to preserve the client's rights in the proper formulation and to review contracts and agreements before entering into any contractual obligations