ALI KHALIFA AL-SHAIKH LAW FIRM ADVOCATES , LEGAL CONSULTANCY & ARBITRATION is one of the leading Law firms in Kingdom of Bahrain, providing legal service in all sections of public and private law, with long experience in the field of legal works .
Our Firm represents the clients in all cases before all different levels of courts, judicial and quasi-judicial bodies or an arbitration body and in front of the police, prosecution and government agencies. Our services include providing legal advice, preparing regulations and pleadings notes, defense memoranda, completing the conciliation and clearance settlements, implementing rulings, drafting, editing and reviewing contracts and agreements,

The Law firm's work is to provide the owed integrated legal solutions to the firm's clients. Our Law firm has the flexibility to deal with clients and provide the service at the highest quality through listening to the clients and understanding of their needs and responding to them at an appropriate time as our goal is to raise the level of obligations we undertake to our clients. The relationship of our Firm extends in cooperation with several legal offices in many countries of the world. dividing and liquidating estates, establishing and liquidating companies of all kinds, business names, changing the legal structure of companies, amending the Article of Association and all other necessary documents and preparing legal notifications or responding to Legal notices on behalf of our clients, arbitration, registration of trademarks, patents and other legal services from our location in Kingdom of Bahrain and to all The states of GCC.

Our Vision

It's represented in providing distinguished legal services, legal advice and a great commitment to our clients in providing consulting and legal services of high quality, which helps in achieving the client's expectations from the service to reach the highest levels of quality in performance through the work team. An estimated time and effort is allocated by the Firm to listen to the clients in order to understand their needs and requirements, so that we can perform the required work in a timely and optimal manner. One of the advantages of the work team in our Firm is that it always strives to provide the highest level of communication with the clients in both Arabic and English, verbally and in writing, in a simple and clear way

Our Goals

We follow the method of quality control through effective and strict periodic procedures with work on studying issues and business in a comprehensive way to ensure optimal work output. We also provide the clients with periodic reports and in general our Firm is distinguished by providing all consulting and other legal assistance services required by our clients and that is through qualified lawyers and legal advisors in order to produce the work as required and satisfies to our clients.


We aim to help in achieving justice and the rule of law and in ensuring the right to litigation and the defense of rights and work to find integrated legal solutions as the advocacy is one of the great human professions that contribute a great deal to achieving justice by helping the competent authorities in clarifying the facts and in defending the rights through different legal views in order to apply the principles of justice, and adhere to the principles and values stipulated in the laws and the Code of Professional Responsibility in particular represents the highest of our goals and values where we provide services through a team that has a high ability to perform the service so that we can rise to the level of commitment we made to our clients in order to obtain the best results.